It is curious to me how affecting a simple object can be. Even devoid of history or personal connection, an object can be compelling, haunting, exciting. Making pots has become my expression of these feelings. The larger vessels I build have less to do with food and dishes and more to do with generic containment. With them I am exploring line and form and composition. I strive to create quiet, powerful, minimal pots that speak to the feelings of reverence I have for all interesting objects.



Alix Brodeur is a potter, focused primarily on wood firing. She holds an AA from Simon's Rock College of Bard and a BFA from Utah State University. In 2015, Alix completed a residency at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, Washington and spent time in Europe firing wood kilns in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Spain. Having made a habit of moving often, Alix likes taking long drives with the windows down and the music up.